Outrun the Wind by Elizabeth Tammi


36639897Outrun the Wind

by Elizabeth Tammi

Publisher: Flux

Rating: ★★★☆☆  | Book Depository

Disclaimer: I received this free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Huntresses of Artemis must follow two rules: obey her and never fall in love. Kahina, a huntress of Artemis, killed one of Artemis’ boars and breaks her first rule, all to save the legendary Atalanta. In order to regain Artemis’ favour, Kahina must complete a quest. Kahina ends up in Arkadia to complete this task and finds out that the King’s daughter is no other than Atalanta. The two bond and form an unlikely friendship. Her connection to Atlanta deepens and Kahina is in danger of breaking Artemis’ second rule – don’t fall in love. 

Outrun the Wind was a pleasant read with a lovely f/f romance which is loosely based off of Greek mythology and is a retelling of Atalanta – a character in Greek mythology. It featured Greek deities such as Apollo and Artemis. I would have preferred more Greek mythology and I would have loved to have seen the true extent of Artemis’ power. She’s a Greek God for goodness sake, and YET you wouldn’t ever think it. Don’t just tell us – show us! I would have just loved some more world building. So, yeah, that was kind of a let down.

The romance between Kahina and Atalanta was actually a very minimal part of the book which was surprising as I was expecting much more of a romance but it was pleasant nevertheless BUT it could have been developed further, especially when you consider the whole ‘forbidden romance’ aspect. The characters themselves were also great. I loved both Atalanta and Kahina. Atalanta was brash and brutal and Kahina was smart and fierce. I felt like the secondary characters and their interactions with our main characters could have been developed more, they did fall a little flat at times.

The reason that Outrun the Wind is getting three stars is mainly due to the plot, it needed work. It had some compelling and fast paced aspects, but overall the plot stagnated and the pacing lagged.

Overall, Outrun the Wind is a a good book, with a lovely romance that I would recommend for people looking for a f/f romance based on Greek mythology.


12484735Megan (pronounced MEE-GAN bc her Irish grandfather refused to use the English pronunciation) is a 22 year old british blogger, history graduate, lover of books and expert procrastinator. She is anxious and introverted and is currently attempting adulthood. She loves potatoes which is often blamed on her irish heritage and can often eat her weight in food. She predominantly reads and reviews YA which includes historical fiction, science fiction, contemporary, and f/f romance. She loves reading about unlikeable female characters, positive female friendships & relationships, and is a sucker for a pretty cover.

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