The Opposite of You by Lou Morgan

reviews by megan

34338745Title: The Opposite of You

Author: Lou Morgan

RATING: ★★☆☆☆

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Disclaimer: I received a copy free from the publishers via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Bex and Naomi used to be really close, as close as twins can be. However, something changed between them and they grew apart. Bex didn’t really notice this change until it was too late. Until Naomi missed her last GCSE exam and no one could find her. Bex had to dive into Naomi’s double life and their shared memories trying to find her. She realises that she didn’t really know Naomi as well as the thought she did.

The Opposite of You started out pretty good. It had potential, but ultimately, I think it failed in its execution. The ‘mystery’ was lacklustre, the characters undeveloped, the pacing was off and the ending was abrupt.

What initially drew me to The Opposite of You was 1) the cover and 2) the fact that it featured twins. I started out enjoying the twin aspect. I liked how it portrayed the relationship in terms of individuality. I understand that want, but also fear, of being independent and individual. As the book stated,

“Naomi doesn’t want to be half of a matching pair. What’s the point of it, anyway? No, she wants to be Naomi – not one of the two Harper twins. Identical in every way.”

As an identical twin myself, I really related to that feeling. Constantly being referred to as ‘the twin’s’ and never your individual names. This relationship had potential. But I felt like the psychic connection ruined the whole relationship – it’s an old and overused trope. I hate that it got made into something weird and paranormal. Especially because it seemed very convenient, in terms of solving the ‘mystery’.

The characters themselves could have been more fleshed out and developed. I felt like we didn’t really get to know who Bex or Naomi really were, and I think that mainly came down to the length of the book, it was just too short.

Ultimately, there isn’t anything inherently wrong or bad about The Opposite of You, because I’ve heard good things about this from other reviewers. The mystery or relationships just didn’t really work for me.


12484735Megan (pronounced MEE-GAN bc her Irish grandfather refused to use the English pronunciation) is a 21 year old british blogger, history graduate, lover of books and expert procrastinator. She is anxious and introverted and is currently attempting adulthood. She loves potatoes which is often blamed on her irish heritage and can often eat her weight in food. She predominantly reads and reviews YA which includes historical fiction, science fiction, contemporary, and f/f romance. She loves reading about unlikeable female characters, positive female friendships & relationships, and is a sucker for a pretty cover.

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