Wait For Me by Caroline Leech (Review)


30037877Title: Wait for Me

Author: Caroline Leech

RATING: ★★☆☆☆

Disclaimer: I received a free copy via Edelweiss for review purposes.

WAIT FOR ME is a well-researched and well-written, albeit problematic, romance & historical fiction. It features a romance between a German POW and a Scottish farm-girl. When Paul Vogel, a conscripted German Nazi soldier, is sent to a Scottish farm as a POW, Lorna is disgusted to have an enemy soldier on her family farm, yet she soon falls in love with him.

Whilst I do admit that I found their romance sweet (if you can forget about the links with Nazism), I wish that Leech had put across a less sympathetic view towards Nazi soldiers and featured a much more condemnation of Nazism but found this lacking (just a slight mention that Paul disagreed with the party and was conscripted). Instead it felt like a romanticisation of a brutal and inhumane part of history. It mentioned very little about Nazi crimes and instead focused more on the actions of the Allies towards German soldiers. Even going as far as vilifying Lorna’s brother, portraying him as angry, abusive and controlling in comparison to Paul.

Outside of the romance, there is very little in the way of plot and characterization. Paul, admittedly, is a nice person. But there’s the problem. He’s still a Nazi, but Leech makes every effort to humanize him and romanticise his and Lorna’s relationship. It’s a well-researched book, and the romance is sweet because Paul is genuinely a nice person. But the book itself doesn’t condemn Nazism nearly enough for the time period it takes place in.


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