Keeping Her Secret by Sarah Nicolas

30228357I received this free from the publishers via NetGalley

Riya Johnson had her heart broken by her childhood best friend after a secret kiss they shared. So when Riya Johnson shows up at a new summer camp, the last person she ever expected to see was Courtney Chastain – the very girl who broke her heart who she hasn’t seen for years. Courtney Chastain is the object of desire for every boy at the camp, but none of them make her feel anything close to how she felt when she kissed Riya Johnson all those years ago. So when both girls reconnect at Camp Pine Ridge, they start to re-evaluate their past feelings and start thinking about their future.

Keeping Her Secret was a fun, light hearted and engaging summer read – a great summer vibe, a cute f/f romance, and some really great friendships and supporting characters. There were some good discussions on sexuality, acceptance, coming out, family & parental control, discovering yourself, and future aspirations.

Courtney is unlikeable at times, she’s entitled and mean but her development is fantastic. Riya is an instant favourite – extremely likeable, confident and fun. Together, Riya and Courtney have some really great chemistry and development. They started out as childhood friends, so I liked that they already had a past and I really enjoyed the prank war between the two. I also particularly liked Dee and Colt and how supportive they were of both Riya and Courtney and their relationship.

Overall, a highly compelling and engaging read. A cute f/f relationships that has a happy ending. . Highly recommend. This one should definitely be on your TBR.

RATING: ★★★★☆

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