Ice Massacre by Tiana Warner

22718724I received this free from the publishers via NetGalley

Every year, a group of warriors are sent into the hostile sea surrounding Eriana Kwai to battle the mermaids that lure sailors to their death. Year after year, the warriors fail to return back to island, failing in their mission to wipe out the mermaids. The island’s inhabitants are desperate for survival and success and devise a new strategy – train girls for the next massacre who are immune to the mermaids lure. Meela is one of those girls, haunted by her brother’s death and a secret she’s kept hidden for years, Meela must now become a warrior to save her home.

I was pleasantly surprised by Ice Massacre. It was original, compelling, action-packed, and there was MERMAIDS. What’s not to love? Especially as there was a lovely f/f friendship that slowly turned into romance between Meela and a warrior mermaid named Lysi. I also loved how female-orientated Ice Massacre was. Sometimes I did feel like there was too many characters which sometimes got confusing, especially during the action scenes.

While I did like how thrilling and action-packed Ice Massacrewas, the middle-to-end section was highly action-filled. So much so that sometimes it felt a little repetitive.

I loved the mermaids and the fresher take on them compared to the usual narrative. They were less The Little Mermaid and more like the mermaids from Pirates of the Caribbean.They were beautiful, but underneath that beauty they were vicious and strong – they were warriors who fed on human flesh. They lured men to their deaths. I really liked this original take on mermaids, something that is especially missing from YA novels and I’m surprised that mermaids aren’t more popular in YA.

There were some really good, complex, and developed dynamics between the women on the ship, and between Meela and Lysi. A relationship that I really enjoyed. So overall, a thrilling and compelling read that I would recommend, especially if you like mermaids.

RATING: ★★★☆☆ (3.5)

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