Frayed by Kara Terzis (Review)

29057066I received this free from the publishers via NetGalley for review purposes

Ava’s sister, Kelsey, was murdered and Ava will do anything to find her murderer. However, the deeper Ava looks, the more secrets she uncovers that changes everything that she thought she knew about Kelsey… and herself.

I think Frayed is a book that would have benefited from more development of characters, relationships, and plot in general. It wasn’t a bad book, but it lacked something, and it felt a little bit superficial – and a tad predictable.

Kelsey, Ava’s dead sister, was a vital character and she shaped the whole story. I usually don’t have a problem with important absent characters if we somehow get to know them well. Kelsey was not a well written character, but had the potential to be. I felt she lacked substance and development (yes, I know she was absent, but I have read books that were able to make you know and understand ‘absent’ characters well – e.g The Good Sister, Of Scars and Stardust, and Dangerous Girls.) The plot twists concerning Kelsey, Ava, and their relationship felt random, and superficial. With more development, however, I believe that this could have been done really well.

Ava was also underdeveloped, as were the secondary characters. The romance, I believe, was the worst aspect of this book and I think it actually hindered the story. The ‘love triangle’ was very cliche, under developed, and insta-love.

In terms of the psychological thriller aspect, it could have been done better. Frayed would have actually benefited from being longer, and connecting the story a bit better. The pacing was inconsistent, and the ending tried to be shocking but failed in its execution.

Overall, I believe Frayed main problem lies in underdevelopment of plot, characters, and relationship. I think for someone new to the genre of psychological thrillers this would probably be a good place to start, but for people who read the genre often, I’d probably avoid this one.

RATING: ★★☆☆☆

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