Into the Dim by Janet B. Taylor (Review)

25897792I received this free from the publishers via NetGalley

DNF – 23%

I don’t believe that Into the Dim is anything, special, new or original. Granted, I didn’t even get to the half way mark but it is full of cliches of a typical YA book which I am bored to tears of. She is the ‘chosen one’ with the knowledge needed to save her mother, who is part of a secret society of time travelers who is trapped in the 12th Century and Hope is the only one who can save her, obviously.

Our actually beautiful – but doesn’t really know she’s beautiful – protagonist also makes it clear that she is not one of those girls – those“slutty St. Sebastian girls”, she’s different because “while most girls probably obsessed over singers or movie stars, I’d been infatuated with famous historical figures”! I, for one, hate this specific trope of a girl thinking she’s better than other girls because she doesn’t like what she considers frivolous things – like, I really hate this trope. Hope, ultimately, really dislikes other girls.

And the setting was dull and underdeveloped, yeah a few people were written with Scottish accents, but that was about as well as it got in what I read. From other people’s reviews I’ve read, the historical aspect and world was not done well either, and that the time travel didn’t actually happen until nearly the half way mark.

I may have continued reading this had the timing been different but at the moment I’m falling behind on my NetGalley books drastically, I haven’t actually finished anything in weeks and I am drowning in my University dissertation. So while I don’t like to DNF books, especially ones I have to review, I just don’t have to time at the moment to read books that are full of overused tropes and a boring protagonist.

MY RATING: ★☆☆☆☆


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