Orleans by Sherri L Smith (mini review)

Orleans was a genuine breath of fresh air, especially in the dystopia/post apocalyptic genre. Set in New Orleans after devastating hurricanes and floods and then The Fever came which meant that it had to be quarantines and a wall was built. While the rest of the United States have given up on them, Orleans is still there and they are still surviving.

There was a lot of world building, and it was very original and so well done. Unlike most dystopian novels and post apocalyptic novels, there was zero romance. This is a story about survival, and Fen de la Guerre need to save her tribe’s newborn baby. It was such a well crafted story which was action packed, but slow paced at times and so delicate and well crafted. This was such a fantastically written novel with a brilliant, strong, intelligent and powerful protagonist with an amazing and original setting and world building. I’m going to be raving about this for a while. READ IT.
I will definitely be reading more of Sherri L Smith!
MY RATING: ★★★★★

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