The Impostor Queen by Sarah Fine (Review)

25708580Disclaimer: I received a free copy via Edelweiss for review purposes.

First impressions: What a read! I absolutely adored The Impostor Queen. I had such high expectations after Of Metal and Wishes and Sarah Fine just surpassed them all. The world building was spot on, the characterization in-depth, and the romance exactly what I was looking for.

Review: Elli is the Saadella, chosen as a child to succeed the Valtia when she passes away. The Valtia is the queen who holds immeasurable power of fire and ice together. As Elli prepares for the day she will be Queen, she is pampered and isolated, tutored by the Elders of Kupari for the day the magic makes it way to her – and she will become the most powerful Valtia there has ever been. Yet when her Valtia passes away after defending her people, the magic does not come to Elli and she flees, ashamed. She flees to the outlands with the banished and the criminals, and Elli uncovers the harsh truths of the Elders and the magic and her own part in it. She must choose between the loyalty to her people, and her loyalty to those banished to the outlands.

Last year I read Of Metal and Wishes and I was blown away by Sarah Fine’s talent for creating such compelling characters. The Impostor Queen was no different and I found myself enamoured with Elli and her passion, determination and willingness to learn for herself. Oskar was a quick favourite as a loveable, but gruff outlaw living in the mines, protecting his family. The two of them together were breath-taking, complimenting each other perfectly. I only wish her relationship with Mim was explored more fully.

The world building was another incredible aspect of The Impostor Queen – the magic, the prophecies, the Elders and the Valtia – it was fantastic to read, incredibly developed and exactly what a fantasy lover looks for.

Overall, this is one high fantasy novel you should keep your eye on because Sarah Fine does an excellent job taking you into another world.

MY RATING: ★★★★★

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