The Girl From Everywhere (The Girl From Everywhere #1) by Heidi Heilig (Review)

25733270I received an eARC via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

Nixie, on her fathers time-travelling ship, has travelled across the globe in different centuries with the use of maps and her fathers unique navigating skills. From modern day New York to the lands from One Thousand and One Nights, Nixie’s father desperately searches for a map for 1868 Honolulu in order to save Nixie’s mother from dying. Nixie doesn’t know what will happen if her father changes the past; will she cease to exist?

This book was everything I wanted and more.

When I saw some raving reviews, I read it immediately. This book is magic blended with historical fiction. The story mainly takes place in 17th century Hawaii, and the author (who grew up in Hawaii) has certainly done her research and has put so much love into creating an authentic atmosphere that really puts you in that time and place. It was absolutely great to read because I am such a history geek.

The characters were one of my favourite aspects of The Girl From Everywhere because they were all well-developed and loveable. I loved Nixie and her dedication to The Temptation, her love for travelling, her spirit and adventure. She certainly made this book for me. Then there is Kashmir, a loveable, charming thief, who is utterly devoted to Nixie. The romance is slow burn and developed, which is a plus. The relationship between Nixie and her Father is central to the plot and I certainly enjoyed the exploration of her Fathers devotion to her mother, and his love for Nixie.

To sum up, this book is truly something special. Beautifully written with fantastic story telling. Such great character development, fantastic character interaction and I have a lot of love for Nix and Kashmir. I loved the Hawaiian setting in the 1880s and it is clear the author put a lot of time and effort into the culture and the atmospheric setting. A book to put on your TBR piles, people!

MY RATING: ★★★★★

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