Paperweight by Meg Haston (Review)

tumblr_nrjhrj8ctE1s3q7eyo1_250 I received a free copy via Edelweiss for review purposes.

First Impression: Stevie was not an easy character to like, but as the story progressed, the more I empathised with her. Paperweight is an honest, raw and emotional novel with strong character development. However I would put a trigger warning on this book as I think it can have damaging effects for people already suffering from an eating disorder.

Review: Stevie is signed up to a eating disorder treatment centre by her father for 60 days. Stevie feels trapped; nurses watch her every move, accompany her to her meals, and she’s challenged to eat the things she’s been trying so hard to avoid. She didn’t want to be in the treatment centre when the Anniversary came; a year since her brother died. In 27 days she plans to join him.

This was a difficult book to get through at first because Stevie’s narrative is very negative and she’s a difficult character to like. However, I loved how complex she was as a character and how realistically eating disorders are portrayed. I loved Stevie’s relationship with Anna, her therapist, and her relationship with Ashley. I think that Stevie’s development was by far my favourite aspect of Paperweight and how she started the road to recovery.

Whilst also being predominately about Stevie’s struggle with an eating disorder, Paperweight was also a novel dealing with grief.

Overall, Paperweight is a great, emotional, fantastically well-written novel dealing with some serious issues, and is one I would highly recommend to someone trying to understand eating disorders.

RATING: ★★★★☆ (actually 4.5)

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