Made You Up by Francesca Zappia (Review)

22864841I received a free copy for review purposes via Edelweiss.

First Impression: This book was so strangely unique, and it is fantastically deceiving. I loved Alex, she was fantastic; smart, witty, hopeful and able to bite back. Alex is schizophrenic and consequently has a hard time distinguishing reality from delusions, and it makes Made You Up a very compelling read because of the unreliable narrative. Miles was a surprisingly easy character to warm to. Why? I don’t know. He was an arrogant ass who wasn’t all that nice to Alex (their little back-and-forth’s were entertaining) but I warmed to him quite quickly because it was obvious there was a hidden depth to him.

Review: Made You Up is an incredibly enjoyable, compelling and deceiving novel. Alex is schizophrenic and so has a hard time telling the difference between what is real, and what isn’t. She wants to be able to be sure what she is seeing is real at least till she gets in to college, and she is sure she will until she runs into Miles and she is sure she has imagined him, or at least she thought she did. Before she knows it, Alex is living a pretty normal teenage life; making new friends, going to parties, and falling in love.

As someone who loves unreliable narratives [See: Code Name Verity,Dangerous Girls], I was super excited about Made You Up, and it did not disappoint; strong characterization and fantastic character interaction, great plotting and suspense, and just the right amount of humour and light-heartedness.

I loved Alex because she has just the right amount of attitude and wit. I loved her interactions with Miles and their chemistry was spot-on. I couldn’t stop reading. It is that type of book.

Highly addictive; loveable characters; unreliable narrative; exploration of truth and reality; delicately deals with mental health; downright AWESOME.

RATING: ★★★★☆

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