Made For You by Melissa Marr (Review)

24684014I received this free from the publishers via NetGalley

Eva Tiller gets hit by a car and ends up in hospital. It turns out it wasn’t an accident, but someone targeted her. One thing changed when Eva got hit by that car – she can foresee people’s death. Now Eva’s friends are turning up dead with messages for Eva from ‘The Judge’.

As a fan of Melissa Marr and her Wicked Lovely series, I was excited for this, and the synopsis sounded really good and thrilling, but I felt like that was not really what I got. I felt like there was a heavy presence of romance which really took away from my enjoyment of Made For You. For me, Made For Youwas highly predictable, I had already guessed who was ‘The Judge’ at about the halfway mark, which is not something I really want in a thriller. Sometimes I like guessing, but this one felt too easy, and I don’t believe the suspense was held.

For me, the foreseeing death aspect just did not work. I’m not really sure, it just didn’t feel right. I felt like it did not really need to be there either, it just felt wrong.

In terms of characters – little depth and development. The main characters were a little bit more fleshed out, but Nate and Eva felt sort of flat with little personalities. I liked Grace, but again little development and personality and the switching POVs definitely did not help with this as there weren’t much difference between them, in my opinion. The same can be said for the relationship, I felt like they weren’t really there? I didn’t get a sense of how much they cared for each other. Perhaps it was just me, it just all felt flat to me.

Overall, I have read better contemporary thrillers. I would not personally recommend.

MY RATING: ★☆☆☆☆


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