We All Looked Up by Tommy Wallach (Review)

#I received this free from the publishers via NetGalley

They were told that the asteroid would be there in two months, that it could miss but it could hit. They were defined by labels – the athlete, the outcast, the slacker and the overachiever. But now they have a choice, continue with life and wait for the asteroid to hit, or take this chance to leave old labels behind and really live. They chose the latter.

I got something from We All Looked Up that I completely did not expect, it was not some shallow contemporary romance, nor some far fetched science fiction novel, but something completely different. It was a great mix between the contemporary fiction and science fiction and it was realistic and believable. It was emotional and raw and truthful. The prose was beautiful and it is a fantastically written book.

There are 4 changing POVs and while it does seem like it a lot,each character had very distinct voices and personalities. I liked Anita a lot, I am pretty positive she was my favourite. She had always been the overachiever and she had all these expectations of her to do really well in school, but all she really wanted to do is sing but her family looked down on it. Eliza was another favourite. She had one kiss with Peter and her whole reputation was ruined, while Peter remained unscathed. She had a love for photography as well and she felt like she needed to document the world going to hell. Peter was an average character for me. I liked him enough and I felt like he really cared for his sister and the ending saddened me, but he was not a favourite. I did not like Andy at all, and I only tolerated his POV, hence the 4 star rating.

The story itself was entertaining and unexpected and dark in places, which was surprising. I felt like We All Looked Uplost me in the middle a bit and I felt like there was not much happening, but I never got completely bored, which is a positive.

Overall, We All Looked Up is entertaining read which is honest and dark. I would recommend.

MY RATING: ★★★★☆

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