Out of the Dragons Mouth by Joyce Burns Zeiss (Review)

25123977I received this free from the publishers via NetGalley

Mia and her family live in Vietnam. She is from a life of privilege and is soon forced from that life when her parents help her to attempt to flee to America. She crosses the South China Sea and arrives at a refugee camp on an island near Malaysia. There she waits anxiously for her name to be called and sponsored by her Uncle so she can make her way to America.

I was really excited for this because the premise seemed really interesting and a part of history we rarely see in Young Adult fiction. However, I was sadly disappointing.

I felt as though the writing was very juvenile and I don’t think that helped with the development of the character, Mia. I felt as though the dialogue was really forced and stunted and I could never really feel the emotion of any of the characters. The writing seemed to tell us how the characters were feeling, but never really showed it so when Mia was upset I never really felt like she was actually upset.

I felt like all the characters were really two dimensional and did not have any depth or development to them. This really took my enjoyment from the story because I was really expecting something more. I felt like the plot was dull and boring and I don’t believe the historical setting was done very well because I just did not get a sense of the time.

Overall, a poor historical fiction which had plenty of promise but was executed poorly.

MY RATING: ★★☆☆☆


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