The Walls Around Us by Nova Ren Suma (Review)

18044277I received this free from the publishers via NetGalley

We were gasoline rushing for a lit match. We were bared teeth. Balled fists. A stampede of slick feet. We went wild, like anyone would. We lost our fool heads.’

There were two girls. One called Violet and one called Amber. One is alive and one is dead. One is free and one is imprisoned. There is one person which connects these two girls and that is a ballet dancer called Orianna who was placed in a girls’ juvenile detention center for murdering two girls. Orianna is the key to locked and hidden secrets, ones which both Amber and Violet don’t want out.

When I went into The Walls Around Us, I was expecting a paranormal ghost story with a mystery and twist and I was expecting a lot – just not that. It is safe to say that I amastonished with this story and how neatly woven it is.There were many twists and shocking revelations – a couple which I guessed – but nonetheless enjoyable and thrilling. The Walls Around Us, for me was a suspenseful novel which really delivered a great mystery which leaves you guessing and wanting more. The story is so neatly woven, with both Violet’s and Amber’s stories coming together well.

The ending left me speechless and I’m not really sure if it was just out of confusion or awe, but either way I was left speechless which rarely happens with books for me nowadays. While the ending was undoubtedly confusing – perhaps a little too odd for some? Not me though. It did take me a while to fully wrap my head around it, but now that I have had a little think about it before writing this review, I have to say that it is an ending you just don’t see coming.

Each and every single character was so complex and developed. Amber was smart, quiet and she had a passion for books. Her past was slowly revealed and she was a character I really connected with. Violet was another great characters. I thought she was cunning, but I felt like she had this sort of innocence to her? It was weird but I really felt for her, and I felt sympathy towards her. The ending kind of caught me off guard and I felt like she didn’t deserve it, which was weird because she sort of did? I had to scold myself for a moment – I got too attached. Mainly because she was such a well written, complex and developed character. Orianna was a good character, she seemed so selfless and kind, yet she was sort of empty like she had already given up.

I liked how the paranormal aspect was not really shoved in our faces. I mean it was very prevalent, but in a more subtle and realistic way, which I really liked.

Overall, a fantastic psychological thriller which I believe is a must read.

MY RATING: ★★★★★

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