Things We Know by Heart by Jessi Kirby (Review)

22864849I received a free copy via edelweiss for review purposes.


When Quinn’s boyfriend, Trent, dies in an accident, his organs are donated to those who need them. Quinn, in order to move on, contacts the recipients of his organs. The only one who hasn’t replied is the one who received his heart and he’s the one that matters most to Quinn. But nineteen year old Colton doesn’t want to live in guilt; he wants to move forward, he doesn’t want to think about the one who died so that he could live. When Quinn tracks him down, the two begin to get close – but Colton doesn’t know who Quinn is; he doesn’t know how they’re connected. As they get closer, and Colton brings Quinn out of her constant sorrow, Quinn doesn’t want to risk it all by telling him the truth.

The synopsis probably sounds really cliché, right? Tracking down the recipient of your dead boyfriends heart and fall in love? Totally, but Kirby managed to make it completely realistic, heartfelt, and soul-crushingly cute.

Whilst at times I thought that Quinn was wallowing in self pity (it had been 400 days since Trent had died), I understood and empathized with her grief. When she wanted too, she really appreciated life – she was happy, caring and generous, but genuinely awkward too. The best part, though, was Colton. He was super sweet, kind and fun. He managed to bring Quinn out of her stupor. He appreciated that she went through something because she’s emotionally withdrawn and he’s patient with her. She patient with him, too. Whilst she knows who he is, that he spent years of his life in and out of hospital, she doesn’t let on and lets him make the choice to tell her.

I did feel like the ending was sort of rushed and that it was resolved rather quickly. Nevertheless, I loved their relationship development and how each character grew as a person.

A book I would definitely recommend to fans of contemporary romance.

RATING: ★★★★☆

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