The Ship by Antonia Honeywell (Review)

24904572I received this free from the publishers via NetGalley

London is not the same city that we know. Parks are bombed, streets are burning, the hungry are dying and if you don’t have an ID card, well, you simple don’t exist. Lalla is a sixteen year old girl and she has grown up in this world. Her father has an escape plan, a ship which will fit 500 people on who have been chosen. While on board the ship, Lalla grows anxious about their destination and learns to make her own decisions.

I loved the concept of The Ship, it is original, enticing and dangerous. The beginning was strong and I thought the world building was exceptional. Even though Lalla lived a sheltered and protected life due to her upbringing and her father’s role in government I still felt like she understood what was going on around her. The middle, however, was a real let down and it is the reason why The Ship is only getting 3 stars from me. Even though the synopsis said that ‘Once on board, as day follows identical day’, I just did not expect so much time would be put in to portray this, and that was, unfortunately a let down for me. Especially considering the ending was strong as well, and there was some great character development.

I felt like the plot was still interesting, despite the middle dragging. Her father was the leader of the Ship, but it almost felt as though he was the leader of a cult, or something similar. It was actually quite unnerving how everyone loved him, and how he considered himself to be the father of everyone. He sort of convinced everyone to choose him, and leave their past and memories of loved ones behind. I did love the fact that Lalla was so against it, how she felt like it was all madness.

I felt like most of the characters were extremely well developed, but Lalla was my favourite. She was so vulnerable and broken and she just wanted to be loved and liked. In the end though, she went down the path that she wanted to go down, despite Tom – the love interest. Tom, I personally did not like, and I did not really feel the love between the two. Perhaps that was the point? Tom doesn’t really love Lalla, but more like the idea of her? The image her father has created.

I’m not sure I liked the cliffhanger. Well, I did like it, but do we get to know more? Is this just a standalone? I just don’t think I particularly like the fact that there is a cliffhanger.

Overall, a good book, with some good world building and characters. Unfortunately for me, it was just too slow paced for me at times.

MY RATING: ★★★☆☆

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