Lies I Told by Michelle Zink (Review)

22816851I recieved a free copy via edelweiss for review purposes.

I, being a fan of conmen and grifters, thought I would absolutely adore Lies I Told, but the characters felt inexperienced and rather reckless for experienced conmen.

Grace and her adoptive family move to Playa Hermosa to con a big mark — bigger than anything they’ve done before. Things start to go wrong from the beginning and Grace feels everything falling apart. She starts breaking the rules of the con, mainly,’don’t fall for your mark’ and she’s falling fast.

I was expecting a thrilling ride, with mystery and suspense, but unfortunately, this was a rather amateurish attempt at writing an engaging con story. If you’re looking for an awesome YA con story, I’d stick with Ally Carter who creates much more charming and experienced characters with a much more elaborate and elegant plot.

I know it seems like this is an overly negative review. I did like Lies I Told. It wasn’t totally boring, and I think the last 10% or so made up for the slow paced middle. It was a relatively entertaining book, it just wasn’t as good as I hoped for.

RATING: ★★★☆☆


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