The Whispering City by Sara Moliner (Review)

23494816I received this free from the publishers via NetGalley

It’s 1952, and one of Barcelona’s wealthy socialite, Mariona Sobrerroca, is found murdered in her home. The facist government is at it’s height and the police struggle to get control of the case. Ana Marti Noguer is a young journalist who jumps at the chance to cover the story. She soon gets involved too deep in the case and soon her own life is put in danger.

As many of you already know, adult fiction is usually a hit or miss for me, but The Whispering City was a pretty decent read. I must be honest, the beginning and the end were the weakest parts of this book for me, however, I raced through the middle and I was really dragged into the story and the mystery.

As a history lover, I really did love the setting and atmosphere ofThe Whispering City and I liked the politics which were involved and it really gave the story a sense of realism and it was quite subtle. The Whispering City also highlight gender issues in the time period. The women are seen as inferior and we see what they have to go through in terms of discrimination and how they are not taken seriously and how it agitates them.

I felt like each character was pretty complex, they some interested me while some bored me. My favourite character was Ana Marti Noguer. I liked her ambition and determination and I understood her more that Beatriz, perhaps it was an age thing though.

Overall, a decent read with a good mystery, it is such a shame I wasn’t dragged in instantly and that the ending fell short of my expectations.

MY RATING: ★★★☆☆

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