99 Days by Katie Cotugno (Review)

23401147I received a free copy via Edelweiss for review purposes.

I have mixed feelings about this book. It’s addictive to read, that’s for sure. It was like watching a soap where everything goes wrong.

Molly has just come back from boarding school after a year away, where she fled from the persistent hate and slut-shaming. She had ‘cheated’ with her then boyfriend with his BROTHER. She comes back and gets her house egged, her car keyed, condoms in her locker, and nasty post-its. She only has 99 days to go. 99 days till she’s off to college.

The whole message of this novel is double standards, at least how I perceived it. Molly is branded a ‘slut’ and ‘dirty whore’, yet the boys get off scot-free because low and behold, they can do no wrong. But you know what they say, it takes two to tango. Yet Gabe is one of the only (along with the awesomeness that is Imogen) that is aware that this double standard exists – one of my favourite quotes from 99 Days is from Gabe and goes something like ‘If you’re a slut, I’m a slut too’, because they both did the deed.

Despite the fact that Gabe has his moments, I found any scene with him was difficult to get through. Actually, any scene with Patrick I found it hard to get through too. Basically, the love triangle did not work for me. I think that is why 99 Days is getting three stars from me; because I can’t do love triangles, and I certainly can’t do cheating.

Overall, I can see how this is going to be a massive hit, but for me, it was just OK and was bogged down with a not so likeable love triangle.

RATING: ★★★☆☆

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