All the Rage by Courtney Summers (Review)

23596885I received this free from the publishers via NetGalley

Warning for mentions of rape.

Release Date – April 14th

‘It’s something my body does without checking with my head first, like the obligation to be nice to him is greater than myself.’

Kellan Turner, the town’s golden boy, the sheriff’s son who could do no wrong. However, Romy knows different. Romy is branded a liar and an outcast and no one will believe what happened to her, what Kellan Turner did to her and it cost her everything. Her escape is her job outside her town in a little diner. But now Romy is burdened with a choice when a girl goes missing after a party, does she stay silent or does she speak up and fight.

All the Rage is a story of anger and gives a truthful picture of rape culture in society.

All the Rage is such an extraordinary and powerful novel which addresses the issue of rape culture where women are taught to be shamed and silent after a sexual assault. That is why I think All the Rage is such an important novel which I would recommend to anyone. This is my first Courtney Summers book, but I will definitely be picking more of her books up. She is such a fantastic writer and her writing really allows you to get into the mind of the character and really feel what they are feeling, and it really shows how fantastic a writer is when she can make you empathise with a character. One thing I really loved was how she writes girls, whether they be likeable or unlikeable but they all seem so real. Another thing I really loved is that Courtney Summers does not hold back with this story. It is gritty, raw and painful and just so important.

Romy was such a well written character. She was so distrustful, but she would be, but she still kept her head held high and she was a fighter and I really admired her for that. She kept going and didn’t let it stop her. I really did feel for her and admire her. Leo was another favourite character of mine. He could see that there was something going on with Romy, and he made sure he was there for her. He was so respectful of her that when she asked him to stop he did, and that really surprised Romy but I believe he was exactly what she needed and I was glad he was there.

I think All the Rage is a perfect title, because it does just that, it makes you rage, and it makes you angry. All the Rage is a very character driven novel, but that was essential to the story and it wouldn’t have worked so effectively had it not been a character driven novel.

Overall, a powerful and raw novel which I would recommend you all pre-order and buy when it is released.

MY RATING: ★★★★★


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