The Girl in the Photograph by Kate Riordan (Review)

24502628I received this free from the publishers via NetGalley

Another DNF (22%) from me, unfortunately.

Alice fell in love with a married man, now she is about to have a child out of wedlock and to save her from the shame, her family send her to the countryside to Fiercombe Manor. This house is filled with mystery.

I really do not like not finishing books, especially ones from NetGalley because I then try and review a book I haven’t finished, when I have been given it for the sole purpose of reading and reviewing a pre-released book. I have so little time recently to actually sit down and read a book so that when I do and it is a book I’m not enjoying, or struggling through I feel like I’m wasting my little time I have. So I made a resolution to DNF any books I’m not enjoying.

The Girl in the Photograph is not a bad book, it is just not for me. I don’t know why I keep requesting adult books, because most of the time I do not enjoy them, mainly for the simple fact that they are quite slow and the writing is usually felt rich in detail that not much can really happen in about 100 pages. At nearly 500 pages, I was already feeling like I was struggling through it at 20%.

So, while I can’t really comment much on this book because, well I obviously did not really get into the mystery or the story much at all. So, it would be best to read other’s review of this book to get a real sense of this book. I will reiterate my previous statement – it is not a bad book, just too wordy and slow for me. For those who like adult mysteries, especially historical fiction ones, which are slow and detailed then I’m sure those people will eat this one right up.

MY RATING: ★★☆☆☆

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