Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver (Review)

22754161I received a free copy via Edelweiss for review purposes.

First Impression: Damn, this book was something else.

I love books with unreliable narrators, intentional or not. And, as someone with two sisters (one of them being my twin), I really loved Dara and Nicks relationship, despite the dysfunctionality.

A fantastic book for those who like suspenseful, darker and character driven novels.

Review: I’m not an ‘avid’ fan of Lauren Oliver. I enjoyed her book Delirium, but have never really got around to the rest of the series. I keep my eye out forPanic and her adult fiction novel, Rooms, but I haven’t made myself familiar with her works. After finishing Vanishing Girls, I can’t help but think that maybe I should.

Over recent years I decided that if and when I read contemporary, it is more than likely going to be dark contemporary. Someone gets murdered, or blackmailed, or go through something really traumatic and it’s character driven, dark and suspenseful. I found that Vanishing Girls was a mix between between that, and a lighter contemporary with swoon-worthy boys and endlessly fun summers.

Dara and Nick are inseparable but are two very different people. A car accident changes both their lives forever and the two, for the first time, become estranged. When Dara goes missing on her birthday, Nick can’t help but think that her disappearance and a local girls disappearance, are connected. Nick is desperate to find her sister, and in doing so uncovers some unlikely truths.

As I stated before, Vanishing Girls is very much a character driven novel, focusing primarily on the altered relationship between Dara and Nick after a car accident. For those with sisters with whom you are close to, Vanishing Girls will surely leave an impact. Those who don’t, don’t worry, because this novel is fantastic nonetheless.

I really enjoyed the contrasting personalities of Dara and Nick, and the thought-processes of both of them, specifically when it came to how they saw each other.

Whilst at the end, everything is sort of turned on it’s head, I still loved their relationship and how it’s portrayed.

Fans of We Were Liars and Twisted Fate will surely devour Vanishing Girls.Personally, I think that Vanishing Girls is better than the two previously mentioned.

Overall a fantastic piece of work from Lauren Oliver, which explores the ever changing relationship between sisters.

MY RATING: ★★★★★

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