None of the Above by I. W. Gregorio (Review)

22864477I received a free copy to review via Edelweiss

When I saw None of the Above, I was excited because I had never heard of a book with an intersex protagonist, and therefore I feel that None of the Abovehas made a giant leap in the diverse books movement. When I read it, I found it was a moving, raw and emotionally driven novel that tries its very best to stay authentic and provide a relatable intersex character struggling with her identity.

I knew very little about being intersex before starting this book and knew a lot more after finishing it. Whilst also being informative and discussing the prejudice of being intersex, it also discussing the psychological impact and decisions that come with a diagnosis.

When Kristin discovers she’s intersex, she feels that her whole world has fallen down around her as she struggles with her diagnosis and her identity, and when the whole school finds out Kristin, faces disgusting behaviour and prejudice from her classmates, and even her boyfriend.

I thoroughly enjoyed Kristin as our protagonist and I loved watching her progress throughout the story.

I.W. Gregorio handles the topic in a delicate and informative way, but also honestly and emotionally.

It’s a book that I cannot recommend enough.

MY RATING: ★★★★★


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