Gone Too Far by Natalie D. Richards (Review)

21900147I received this free from the publishers via NetGalley

“I don’t think you’ve got a terrible person in you.” “I think we all do. If you scratch the surface.”

Piper Woods hates high school and she can’t wait to get out of there. One day when she is late to school and finds a notebook on the school steps. In need of some last minute revision she hopes to find some chemistry notes yet finds mutilated photographs and a list of sins of the schools students. She dismisses it as some joke, yet when a girl named Stella had a sex tape leaked and Stella dies, Piper can’t help to think she could have done something more. She soon starts receiving anonymous texts who wants Piper to pick students for revenge and to make things right.

I was pleasantly surprised by Gone Too Far and did genuinely enjoy most of it. However, I can only give it 3 stars because something was missing. While the plot was intriguing and tense during the end, I had already guessed who the culprit behind the texts were so that made it a little less fun for me. I felt like the motivations was a too vague and flimsy and not really something you would think would cause someone to go to so much trouble to get justice. One main problem was that Gone Too Far was that it was full of cliches and tropes that I’m not massively fond of.

Piper Woods – The not popular girl who is usually ignored and thinks herself as sort of a geek with a hatred for the popular students, but obviously she falls for the hot jock. A group of friends, one of course is the golden girl and another a tech savvy geek.

Nick – The Loveable Jock who has always had a thing for Piper, but of course she doesn’t know about it until all the drama starts and they fall for each other.

Jackson – The Mean Jock and is the main villain of the story and there is a showdown between Piper Woods and Jackson.

There also really weren’t much development of the secondary characters which I would to have liked to have seen, or even get to know more about Stella DuBois, the girl who died and started Piper on the road she went on, but we didn’t really get to know much about her. However, I did like Piper. I understood her and why she felt responsible for what happened, and her reactions to things. She was impulsive and naive but I really enjoyed seeing her grow and develop as her person. She eventually came to question sending the names for the anonymous vigilante to get payback on, because she saw the effect it had. So I liked how it questioned what is right and wrong, between justice and revenge and the morality of what she was caught up in. So the character development of the main character was definitely a bonus, it was just a shame the other characters were not as fleshed out.

Overall, not a terrible read, and it was enjoyable despite some not-so-good elements. I would recommend you check it out if it sounds like something you would enjoy.

MY RATING: ★★★☆☆

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