Vendetta (Blood for Blood #1) by Catherine Doyle (Review)

22317508I received a free copy via Edelweiss.

First Impression: Vendetta was a little disappointing actually. An interesting and engaging read nonetheless. Action-packed, swoony-worthy love interests; but a bit of a weak heroine who was constantly being ‘rescued’ by Nic and Luca. There was quite a bit of mystery and suspense, but nothing I found mind-blowing — a bit predictable. Perhaps it might have been something I would have enjoyed at around 16-17, but my reading tastes have changed a lot since.

Review: When five brothers move into the abandoned, and long thought haunted, mansion in Sophie’s neighbourhood, it’s safe to say life as she knew it was forever changed. Sophie’s drawn to bad boy Nicoli, and is consequently drawn into a forbidden love between two warring powerful underground families.

Sounds great, right? Mysterious and criminal, dark and sexy.Romeo and Julietmeets The Godfather. The cover is lovely. Oh, how I so wanted to LOVE this book. Instead, I just liked it.

It isn’t a bad book. It’s action-packed and suspenseful, but also cheesy and cliché. I read it in a day or two, but the romance between Nic and Sophie develops quickly and the ‘twist’ was a bit predictable. I know for a fact I would have liked this a lot more when I was a little younger, but my reading taste have evolved and I like a little more depth in my reading now, unless I’m in the mood for something light to read. When I read Vendetta, I wasn’t in the mood, I was looking for some deep, dark and mysterious thriller, and so it left me a little disappointed.

Another thing that rather bothered me was that sexual assault was used to develop the relationship between Sophie and one of the brothers to make them seem more ‘decent’. Sophie was constantly being rescued by the brothers, except for one scene (which I actually thought was badass), which was another thing that bugged me.

Overall, an enjoyable light read, but wasn’t the great crime thriller I was hoping for. Fast paced, strong plot and solid characters, but a little tame.

RATING: ★★★☆☆

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