All Fall Down by Ally Carter (Review)

23395735I received this free from the publishers via Netgalley

Grace has spent her summers at Embassy Row. After her mother’s death, Grace has now come to stay. For years Grace has been told that she is crazy, that her mother’s death was an accident, that she wasn’t shot and she never saw a man with a scarred face. However, Grace is absolutely certain she isn’t crazy, and she will do anything to prove it.

My first Ally Carter book was Heist Society and I absolutely adored it. I couldn’t get into her Gallagher Girls but at least I gave it a go. Both of those books are fun and exciting. All Fall Down, however, was not. It has a completely different tone. It is more serious and dark, and while it was unexpected, I was not disappointed. That being said, I do still prefer her Heist Society series, but this book is still pretty darn good. So fair warning to those going in expecting something like her previous series, it is completely different. Ok, so now on to my proper review.

The characters were pretty good. I loved reading from Grace’s perspective because she was so interesting and she was a really complex character. She was brave and stubborn and determined to find the truth and to prove to everyone that she didn’t make it all up due to the trauma. I really liked the secondary characters as well, especially Rosie. She was so sneaky and funny and I liked her. Meg was another character I liked, as was Noah – I really liked Noah. I wish we had seen more of these secondary characters though because they were so good and I just wish we got more of them.

I wasn’t too interested in Alexei or the romance, but I think that is because I was interested more in the other characters and the mystery as well. But one positive is that their wasn’t really much romance at all. There was a hint, but it was little compared to the whole book.

That ending. Wow. I didn’t even think about it until a couple of pages before it was revealed, so that is definitely a bonus that it shocked me. I really love a good mystery with an unexpected twist, it really does make me enjoy a book that much more.

I also really liked the originality of the setting of the book in Embassy Row. It gave me a chance to read about something new with a different setting than many other YA books which was a breath of fresh air. I liked the emphasis which was put on the political tensions between the embassies, rather than letting Grace get away with everything, it really highlighted the fragile and vulnerable state of the embassies with each other.

Overall, a great read with great characters and a shocking ending. I would thoroughly recommend, especially to fans of Ally Carter.

MY RATING: ★★★★☆

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