A Thousand Pieces of You (Firebird #1) by Claudia Gray (Review)

20877332First Impressions: 

Whilst at times I thought it could have been better, overall I’m not toodisappointed. Additionally, whilst I found that there was too much emphasis on the romance, they were so damn adorable that it didn’t bother me too much. If you go into this book specifically not wanting romance, you’ll be sadly disappointed.

Marguerite’s parents developed the Firebird which allow people to travel across dimensions and into parallel universes. Marguerite father is killed and the killer, Paul, Marguerite’s parents assistant flees using the Firebird and Marguerite and Theo, the Caine’s other assistant, race against the clock through different dimensions to find the man that killer her father, only to find a much more sinister truth.

This book first came to my attention because the cover is the most glorious thing I’ve ever laid eyes on. (Ok, so maybe that’s an over-exaggeration — it is pretty damn lovely though) Now, A Thousand Pieces of You is primarily a romance. It doesn’t focus much on dimensional travel and all the science-y stuff (which in a way I was hoping for, but I really enjoyed the romance so I won’t be complaining too much – but be aware that romances FEATURES HEAVILY). The plot, for some time, focuses on the death of Marguerite’s father and the secrets that go with it, then the rest (a rather large chunk) is Marguerite finding out love transcends all dimensional boundaries. I was not expecting this sudden shift in Marguerite’s priorities, so at first I was rather disappointed. I was still left a little disappointed at all the lost potential, but I must confess I found myself hardcore shipping Marguerite and her love interest.

I enjoyed the characters, such as Marguerite and Paul but I would have loved for a much more developed relationship between them all. It seemed to come out of nowhere. Perhaps it’s because you didn’t really have a context to their relationship except through the few flashbacks you got throughout. It could have been a lot better. Nonetheless, I found the character interaction to be highly enjoyable and learned to love the characters. Be warned, there is a love triangle which also features heavily which then turns into a love-square in a strange turn of events, but is sort of in the background (because I found it pretty predictable who she was going to end up with — perhaps that’s just me).

I thought the world-building was fabulous, though. The differing dimensions and how some slight differences (and sometimes some HUGE differences) in the history changes the future. It was one of the most pleasing aspects about A Thousand Pieces of You.

Overall, I really enjoyed A Thousand Pieces of You and is a series I intend to keep up with.

If you liked this, you may also enjoyed Dissonance, which is also another parallel universe jumping story.

RATING: ★★★★☆

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