Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson (Review)

18189606When Emily met Sloan, she came out of her shell. She went to parties, she talked to guys and she had fun. Yet one day and the beginning of summer, Sloan just disappears. No texts, she wouldn’t answer her phone. The only lead that Emily has is a list of things to do. A list with activities which Emily would never dream of doing on her own without Sloan, yet it may be the only way to get back to her best friend.

I went into this with no exceptionally high expectations as I had read many mixed review, mainly saying it was very cliché. But, I was actually pleasantly surprised and exceeded my expectations. I guess I was in the right mood for this type of mood. It was fun and exciting with a cute and fluffy romance. Sometimes you just need that cute and fluffy teenage romance, you know?

I really connected with Emily, she was just like me – shy and introverted. Also I really understood her connection with Sloan. I have a twin sister you see, and our lives are so intertwined together and we do everything together, and have done since birth. So I really understood what Emily was going through when Sloan left.

I really liked the focus on friendship in this. There was a heavy romance aspect, but the friendship was just as important, if not more. It was that friendship that Emily strived to find again. I loved Emily’s character growth. She breached out of her comfort zone and she did things she never thought she would. Along the way, she really found herself, who she really was on her own. She found new friendships and she even found love.

I didn’t find Since You’ve Been Gone very cliché at all, perhaps I was too lost in the story. But overall, if you are looking for a light read, then this is a book that I would 100% recommend. It really did keep my attention from the very first page, and it just captivated me and I just really needed this story.

MY RATING: ★★★★★

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