Everything That Makes You by Moriah McStay

21795576Everything That Makes You is an interesting concept — what if that ONE thing didn’t happen? How different would your life be? Would it be better, or worse? Would you fall in love with the same person? It was this type of narrative that really made this book something unique.

Fiona has a scarred face from an accident twelve years ago. She’s shy and considers herself an outcast. She writes songs about her life, her scars and the beautiful and charming Trent McKinnon. Throughout Fiona’s story, she finds the courage not to be defined by her scars anymore. Then there’s Fi — the Fiona who didn’t have the accident. Ranked top in the state for lacrosse heading to one of the best colleges for female lacrosse, Fi has it all. Her best friend is also Trent McKinnon, who is acting weird since their kiss, but Fi has more important things on her mind and when her luck goes sideways, she decides lacrosse isn’t the only important thing in her life.Everything That Makes You is a moving piece of writing with a relatable protagonist, witty dialogue, thoughtful choices and some loveable secondary characters. It makes you really think about whether YOU define your path or whether fate or luck does. I’m happy at how both Fi’s and Fiona’s stories ended, and how their difficult choices and unfortunate luck made them the people who they were. Their interests differed, but essentially, they were the same girl — headstrong, passionate, kind and realistic.

For me, it was Fiona and Fi who made this story as great as it was. To see each develop into somebody stronger and better and didn’t let her scars/lacrosse define who she was. By the end of the novel, they have discovered themselves.

A highly recommendable piece of contemporary fiction with some really great moments.

Plus, the cover is lovely.

RATING: ★★★★☆


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