Love Hurts edited by Malorie Blackman (Review)

23487727I received this free from the publishers via NetGalley

This was sadly disappointing.

Malorie Blackman and many great YA writers come together to write a collection of romance stories about love against the odds. Stories my authors such as Gayle Forman, Markus Zusak and Patrick Ness.

When I saw Love Hurts on NetGalley I was so excited and requested it immediately. However, when I started reading I realised that a lot of the stories were extracts from previous books, and I’m not really sure which ones were original. I had already read some of the stories in this, as they were extracts from books that were already published. While there was a large amount that I hadn’t read in Love Hurts, overall, I was disappointed.

I had a problem with the extracts and pacing most of it. Due to some being extracts of books already published it was sometimes very confusing. I think this was because most of them seemed like they were starting in the middle of something. It felt like I was missing something, and I was just dropped into the middle of a conversation and I struggled to pick up who the characters were and what was happening, like why they were arguing. This also made everything seemed very rushed and insta-love, with little character and relationship development. In some of the stories there was little chemistry between the characters and I just found it really hard to connect with some of the characters, or the story in general.

One positive about the whole of Love Hurts was that there was a lot of diversity which is always a plus in a book.

I will probably write some little reviews about each story, but at the moment my schedule is a little busy that I have barely any time to read.

Overall, I would probably recommend for fans of romance.

MY RATING: ★★★☆☆


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