Twisted Fate by Norah Olson (Review)

22171558I received a free e-book copy for review purposes from the publishers via Edelweiss.

First Impression: I think a 3.5 rating is more appropriate for Twisted Fate. Whilst it had me guessing at times, I managed to figure out the plot twist early on. Not a bad book, but I wouldn’t put it on the same wavelength as We Were Liars as I think Lockhart managed the suspense and disbelief aspect better than Olson.

An interesting, but frustrating read.
Review: When Alyson meets Graham, she has an instant connection with him. They’re both shy and awkward. Her sister, Sydney, however finds his secretive past creepy and thinks he’s a psychopath and thus tries to keep Alyson and Sydney apart, but ends up drawn to him as well.

At first, Twisted Fate read like a normal contemporary but quickly evolved into a mystery and the story behind Graham and his odd habits that, unfortunately, end up hurting people. The writing style is OK, if not a little sloppy. The several POVs is also a little off-putting because I had a difficult time differentiating the characters voices.

The plot twist was a little unexpected but little hints are dropped in here and there which helped me guess the turn a bit before it happened. The characters were a little flat, but not overly bad.

Overall, an OK read that needed a little but more character development.

RATING: ★★★☆☆ (Actually 3.5)


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