The Good Sister by Jamie Kain (Review)


I received this free from the publishers via NetGalley.

“Memory is that trick by which we see the awful events of the past loom over the good, like mountains over mouse. We don’t recall life as it was. Instead, we remember what was different, frightening, or strange, and we turn our lives into the fun-house mirror images of the truth.”

Release Date – October 7th

First Impressions: I’m so bloody conflicted about this book. I may change the Rating lower later, maybe not. I think it deserves the 5 star rating.

Review: There are three sisters, Sarah, Rachel and Asha. Sarah is the oldest sister. The sister who holds the family together. She is a cancer survivor, and has fought to survive all her life. However one day, Sarah has an accident while hiking. Her sister says she tripped and fell, yet there are unanswered questions.The Good Sister follows the life of the Kinsey family in the aftermath of Sarah’s death.

I have two sisters, so I can really relate to the characters, especially Asha and Rachel. They are both broken, and lost, and they were for a long time before Sarah passed away. There is jealousy and rivalry between the sisters, and that is the ultimate downfall of their relationship. I enjoyed the story, and it was interesting to see how each sister dealt with the grief of loosing their sister. I liked how Rachel, who was wild and did what she wanted, learnt to quieten her life, and embrace the calm instead of being angry all the time. And Asha, who was so lost managed to find herself. I liked the character development, as well as how the sisters tried to mend their relationship.

The family dynamic was interesting to read. The absent father, who after the death of Sarah, was determined to be there for his family, and to be a better father. I really did like the father, he was such a genuinely sweet man. The mother however, I really did not like. It was like after playing the grieving mum for so long, waiting for Sarah to die of the Cancer, that she seemed to be sort of relieved. She took it as an opportunity to start a new life with someone else. To completely ignore her other two daughter, even to the extent of moving house without them and forcing them to pay for the rent themselves – At 16 and 18 years old. She was not a nice person, and an even worse mother.

The mystery was good. While I sort of guessed the plot twist. I liked the intrigue throughout the book. While it lost a little bit of the magic in the middle, I never really felt bored, and I was constantly wanting to read on.

Overall, if you are a fan of realistic fiction, then I highly recommend this.

MY RATING: ★★★★★


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