Queen of Someday by Sherry D. Ficklin (Review)


I received this free from the publishers via NetGalley

Release date – October 7th

Basically a story of Sophie lusting after three different guys for the entire book. Queen of Someday is the story of Catherine the Great before she becomes the greatest Russian empress in History. Sophie has been dragged to the Winter Palace in hopes that she will become the wife of Peter – the future ruler of Russia. She is in a place full of danger, gossip and betrayal and Sophie doesn’t know who she can trust.

I have nothing against women who want sexual freedom, and who wish to be with a lot of guys. But through this entire book, every single man she encountered who was her age she would fancy him. The only thing she cared about were men. It is like she didn’t have anything else on her mind, no other interest or hobbies. The whole story revolved around her relationship with the male characters, and I didn’t like that. There are three different love interests- Alexander, Peter and Sergei, and there isinsta-love. Insta-love is a cliche I hate. Granted there is a couple of twists and turns, but ultimately she has romantic interests for three different guys, moving from one to the other after they leave or do something that makes her grow a distaste for them. She falls in love more than once. I did liked how in the end she manipulated to get her way, and I enjoyed how cunning she could be, and I thought that was some good character development, but it happened in the last 10%. But other than that, Sophie was such a dull character who was flat and was so underdeveloped. Why couldn’t we get some good development sooner?

The romance was just as underdeveloped. There was zero chemistry between the three different guys, and all the relationships seemed to be so rushed. There didn’t seem to be any other storyline apart from what she felt for the three guys. Peter, the man she is destined to marry and she wanted to win his heart. Sergei, the man she trusts who has loved her since he first laid eyes on her. And finally, Alexander, also someone who had loved her since he first laid eyes on her. She fell in love with Alexander and wanted to run away from him when she realised Peter wasn’t the man she thought he was. It seemed like it happened so fast, and she fell in love with this man who she barely even knew. The romance was the only plot, and was shoved into the forefront, but there was so much potential to this story other than romance.

None of the characters seemed developed at all, and neither did Sophie’s relationship with the Empress, or her mother, or her friendship with her lady in waiting.

I have read many people recommend if you are a fan of the CW show Reign, and I will probably do the same. I personally couldn’t get into the show, but those who like the show, will probably like this.

MY RATING: ★★☆☆☆

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