Illusive by Emily-Lloyd Jones (Review)


Illusive was coined as “The X-Men meets Ocean’s Eleven” and so, naturally, I was eager to get a copy and shelved it immediately as ‘wishlist’. Unfortunately for me, it felt short of my expectations and turned into a little bit of a disappointment. I’m not sure whether it’s because I just wasn’t ‘in the mood’, but I found it difficult to get into to, and difficult to keep my attention. I’d read a chapter then want to put it down and pick something else up.

Ciere is a thief. She’s also an immune. An immune is someone who, after being given the vaccine for the deadly MK virus that ravaged the world, developed powers. She has the ability to change her appearance. She’s an illusionist. I WAS SO EXCITED FOR THIS BOOK. Yet, I found the execution rather, lacklustre. But, oh how I craved a thrilling story about a group of superhuman criminals who CONNED people and were generally up to no good and neck deep in dirty little secrets. But no, that’s not what I got.

It’s not bad — it’s good with a neat and simple prose that’s easy to read. Some fairly decent characters, if not a little flat, a well-structured plot that developed well (if not a bit slowly, thus I felt bored). It’s also has phenomenal world-building — you really get a sense of a dystopian society where the immune’s are hunted, and coerced to work for the government. You get a lot of background on the virus, and the vaccine — it’s just wasn’t enough to compensate for my disappointed that this wasn’t the book I was hoping for. A good book, by all means — entertaining with some likeable characters and I don’t regret giving it a read. It just wasn’t what I was hoping for, thus it didn’t quite reach four stars.

However, for fans of Brandon Sanderson‘s, Steelheart, I would highly recommend.

RATING: ★★★☆☆ (3.5)

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