Compulsion by Martina Boone (Review)


received a free copy from the publishers via Edelweiss.

I was a little bit dubious going into Compulsion because I had read some mixed reviews, but because I’m a fan of southern gothic’s, I eagerly jumped into it despite my reservations.

Barrie’s (actually named Lombard) mother has just died, and her Godfather is dying of cancer, so Barrie is forced to move in with her Aunt Pru down in South Carolina on the Watson family plantation. Barrie is soon thrust into a generations old long feud between the founding families of Watson Island – one family that is cursed by an ancient spirit, and the other two who were blessed with magical gifts. With the help of sun-kissed, rich, posh boy Eight Beaufort, Barrie begins to unravel the secrets of Watson Island.

Some reviewers loved it, others not so much. Unfortunately for me, I was the latter. That’s because Compulsion was lacking the one thing I was really looking forward to, and that was the paranormal, southern gothic aspect. Granted, there was a little bit with the rather mediocre gifts and anticlimactic finish (also mixed up with some murder mystery), but a lot of it was dragged down with contemporary drama and it left me feeling rather…meh.

The characters were not all that likeable, either, particularly Barrie who I found was mean to everyone, but more so Eight. Eight, who was nothing but nice to her and for some unknown reason continued to stay friends with her and managed to put up with all her teenage angst and mood swings. Eight, even, was nothing but a two-dimensional, run of the mill, YA love interest.

One thing I really can praise Compulsion for, though, is the magical, smooth writing that compels you to read on. Other than that, I found Compulsion a rather lacklustre paranormal.

RATING: ★★☆☆☆ (Actually 2.5)

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