If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch (Review)


“I answer her with my silence, understanding the full power of it for the first time. Words are weapons. Weapons are powerful. So are unsaid words. So are unused weapons.”

It has been a few weeks since I have read this, so I am only going to do a short little ramble.

Carey has lived most of her life in the Woods with her drug addicted mother and her sister Jenessa. Her mother usually goes off on her own for weeks at a time and Carey is never sure of when she will see her again. But one day, her mother doesn’t come back, instead it is a couple of strangers who take her away from the Woods. Carey has a secret though, a secret which causes her sister not to speak and which Carey fears will destroy her future.

I genuinely enjoyed If You Find Me. I found it a good, easy read, which had a unique aspect to it. The edition I had also had a bonus epilogue which isn’t in any other books (YAY), and I liked the ending, I had already guessed what her secret was, not in it’s entirety, but I got the basic gist of it. I liked the characters, I really did. I also enjoyed the character development with them all as well. I liked the relationship between the two sisters, that was a definite bonus of the story. I also liked the romance, it seemed a bit instant and rushed, but I liked it. I also liked that the romance was a big sub-plot. The story was more character-driven that anything else, and that was a positive.

Overall, a really good read that I do recommend you pick up.

MY RATING: ★★★★☆

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