Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (Review)


“Friends see most of each other’s flaws. Spouses see every awful last bit.” 

On the morning of his fifth wedding anniversary Nick Dunne comes back one day to find his house trashed and his wife missing. Evidence starts piling up and the police start to suspect Nick, as do the public.


I bought this originally for my mum. I had heard that there was a movie coming out of it soon, and my mum loves a good crime thriller, so I saw this in Waterstones for buy one get one free and I couldn’t resist. Fast forward a couple of months and I decide to read it myself.

What a roller coaster ride of a book! I love unreliable narrators. I love the mystery, I love the lies and the unpredictability of the story and the characters. I don’t want to talk to much for fear of spoiling something. When I asked my mum if she read it, my sister ran out fingers in her ears because she didn’t want to be spoilt. So lets get on with it! Ok, so you read most of the book wondering if Nick did actually hurt his wife, is his wife really missing? Is she lying in her diary entries? What has happened to Amy? The book is split into three different parts, don’t really want to say anything else. I had started to guess a couple of things and I had a couple of theories floating round, but I never expected to actually guess the plot twist in the middle! But I was right, and I was very proud of myself.

The ending was great. I would never have guessed it would go in that direction, and then just end!. Fantastic. I heard that the movie will change the ending, so I am very curious as to how they will change it. Will it be a big change or a small change? Really looking forward to watching the movie.

Usually in books that are as hyped as this one, with everyone recommending it to everyone, I usually have my doubts, and I usually go in with very high expectations, or very low. But I was pleasantly surprised by this and I am very glad I read it.

I really did dislike most of the characters. But I loved to hate them! I was also very compelled to read on and find out what happened to all these characters. They were very well written and it all felt so real and realistic. Amy and Nick’s relationship is so toxic and unhealthy, and I was so drawn into their relationship and I wanted to know how it ended that I struggled to put it down. It did take me a while to read unfortunately because I’ve been pretty busy.

I liked Go and Boney. They were interesting characters, and the only characters I actually liked in this book.

Gone Girl is a frustrating, but thrilling read that I would recommend to anyone over 18.

MY RATING: ★★★★★

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