Dangerous Boys by Abigail Haas (Review)


I received a copy free from the publishers via NetGalley

‘Our lives are made up of choices. Big ones, small ones, strung together by the thin air of good intentions; a line of dominos, ready to fall.’

Dangerous Boys revolves around three people – Chloe, Oliver and Ethan. Chloe can’t wait to get out of the suffocating town, but when her father leaves and her mother spirals into depression, Chloe is left with all the responsibilities and she can no longer leave. She meets Ethan, the sweet boy who loves her. However, when his dangerous, reckless brother shows up she is torn between the two.

I usually hate love triangles, but this one was bearable. I would have rated it 3 stars, but the twist at the end really did shock me and I had to rate it 4. I was looking at Dangerous Girls, and I had heard many great things about it. So when I saw Dangerous Boys on NetGalley, I thought I would give the author a go. The start didn’t really captivate me or hold my attention that great. In some cases I was actually a little bored. I read a review about a great shocking twist that you would try to guess. I admit, I did try to guess, but what I read was so much different. The second half of the book was by far the better half.

I really disliked Oliver. Right from the start I knew there was something bad about him. Something not quite right. Ethan was a favourite. I really did feel sorry for him and everything he went through. Chloe was a very complex character, with some great character development and the shocking truth about her really was fantastic and surprising. This would have been an easy 5 star if it had held by attention in the first half as well as it did in the second half.

Abigail Haas is a great writer, who really does keep you guessing and Dangerous Boys was a suspenseful mysterious read. I can’t really say much more without risking spoiling the whole story.

Overall, if you are looking for a good contemporary mystery then I highly suggest you pick this one up.


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