Between the Lives by Jessica Shirvington (Review)


I received this copy free from the publishers via NetGalley

Sabine lives two lives. Every night at midnight, she shifts into her other life, living the same day twice but in a difference place, with a different family and different people. One day she discovers something different. Where one time any physical injuries or sickness went with her into the other life, one day her broken wrist does not go into her other life. Things are changing.

Between the Lives started out pretty slow and didn’t fully grasp my attention till about 25% in. It was a very strange book. It also didn’t focus too much on the paranormal aspect of the book, which was overall good, but I would have liked more depth into her trying to discover why she shifted, and why she lived two separate lives. Was it that everyone lived numerous lives, but for some unknown reason, she remembered. I would have liked more closure on the issue, but overall I liked the fact that character development and growth was at the forefront of the book. Sabine was finally learning how to accept herself and her shift, and accept that she was important in both lives and she needs to do what was best for her.

The plot and pacing of Between the Lives was fairly slow, but I didn’t really find myself getting that bored. The characters were realistic and relatable, each one unique. I would have liked to have seen more depth to some of the characters rather than just Sabine and Ethan, but I still liked them nonetheless. Sabine was a great character and I really don’t know which of her lives I preferred reading. I liked her friendships in both lives and her relationships, except Dex of course, I had a bad feeling about him to start with. Ethan really grew on me. I wasn’t sure about him at the start, but I did like him. The ending did leave me crying as it was so unexpected. There were barely any hints about it and it took me a while to accept it.

The romance was a definite positive of Between the Lives. It wasn’t too rushed, there was a great amount of chemistry between the two. They seemed completely compatible. The romance was heart-warming, yet heart-breaking at the same time. I must admit, they are one of my favourite couples in a book I have read this year. Brilliant.

Overall, Between the Lives was a great book and the characters stay with you. You learn to admire them for their flaws and everything. If you are looking for a just a paranormal or fantasy, then this might let you down in that department considering we were left with many unanswered questions, but in terms of romance and character growth and development, then I do suggest you check this one out.

MY RATING: ★★★★☆

You can pre-order here at Book Depository (Released August 7th)


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