Steelheart (Reckoners #1) by Brandon Sanderson (Review)


Actual rating: 3.5

I know, better than anyone else, that there are no heroes coming to save us. There are no good Epics. None of them protect us. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Overall: It would have gotten 4 if not for the sometimes unbearably slow pacing and poor characterization. I did love that ending though, and the world building is spot-on. Definitely a book for sci-fi lovers.

Steelheart follows the life of David, an 18 year old orphan bent on revenge after his father was murdered by the all-powerful Epic, Steelheart. Except he’s not all-powerful and David is the only one that knows it.

I’ve seen Steelheart bleed. And I will see him bleed again.

David is set on vengeance but he can’t do it alone, so he joins the Reckoners and set them on a course that could end with them all dead.

I had very high expectations of this, and whilst I don’t read comic books I enjoy the majority of the Marvel movies and so I was eager to read this, especially when I had heard it coined as “X-Men, but they’re the bad guys”. It wasn’t a bad book, I actually really enjoyed most of it. There was excellent world building, and it is definitely one of the most impressive features of this novel, and Sanderson has a very easy going way of writing and it makes for a pleasurable read. I really found myself walking right along with David in the Steel catacombs and the understreets of Newcago. A high point of the novel. I also loved the fast-paced and action packed ending. Sanderson writes the action scenes very well and it seems very real. I loved that part. The end also had a some very emotional scenes, and someWTF!? moments.

The reason that Steelheart fell short of 4 stars was because all the tactical talk and the general planning was, at times, mind-numbingly boring and I was there thinking, ‘Get to the point.’, and it made middle of the book go at an almost unbearably slow pace. Then there was the characterization. None were all that memorable and I didn’t really connect with any of them. I also didn’t like the insta-love(?) sort of thing going on between Megan and David and how he constantly had to point out how attractive she was (even when being they were being pelted with bullets). There were also only 2 female characters, and 99% of the Epics seem to be male.

An enjoyable read despite my criticisms and if you’re a science fiction fan, I would definitely recommend you pick this one up.

RATING: ★★★☆☆ (Actually 3.5)

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