Dicing Time For Gladness by Austin Scott Collins


I received this free in exchange for an honest review

‘We are expected to transition from one directly to the other: first a virgin, pure of heart, empty of mind, uncorrupted of body – and then we are supposed to instantaneously metamorphose into a submissive, compliant and faithful housewife who ages into a benign and doting grandmother. This is the only permissible course. To refuse to follow this path, to seek knowledge and pleasure, to seek adventure and independence, to attempt to define one’s own destiny on one’s own terms, is to be labelled – no branded – as wanton and undesirable, a dangerous outcast, an abomination, something somehow anomalous and unnatural.’

The Daughters of Aphrodite have come to Chicago. Their show draws in a large audience, yet it is deemed to be obscene and evil. Constance is nearing her 18 birthday, her father trying to marry her off, has heard about The Daughters of Aphrodite and sneaks out to watch their show. Victoria is the leader, she is intelligent, gifted and goes against all the norms of women at the time. She teaches Constance new things about society and open her eyes to the inequality.

Dicing Time for Gladness is a very good novel. It is a quick and easy read, with very good writing. If you are a feminist, and believe in equality, then this is the book for you! I loved how Victoria openly opposed the oppression of women, and that is why she has her show. She wants to show people that women are capable, and free and independent. I liked how much of the things talked about, are still relevant today – e.g slut shaming! I liked how Austin Scott Collins wrote these women. They were smart, independent and they were living the life they wanted to do. I liked how he wrote the reactions of the society and how they tried to stop the show and drive her out of town. It seems all very realistic, and I would image that it how it would have been at the time. One little negative was I wasn’t much interested in the science aspect, but it didn’t lessen my enjoyment much. If you enjoy feminism and women challenging the norm then I highly suggest you read this!

The characters were great! Constance had a lot of character development and she was a character I truly admired. Victoria was also a character I really loved. I would have really loved to see more of the other girls, and hear more about their past.

Don’t let the cover put you off, (I personally am not a big fan), it a very well written book that really does capture your attention. I would definitely recommend.

MY RATING: ★★★★☆

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