The Revealed by Jessica Hickam (Review)


I received a copy free from the publishers via NetGalley

Lily Atwood is the daughter of the man running for Presidency in D.C after a war devastated most of the USA. The Reveal is deemed to be the new enemy after the war. The Revealed are said to take teenagers before their eighteenth birthday and nobody knows why. They have powers, they can control the elements and no one had managed to stop them. Lily is next on their list to be taken.

This was a OK dystopia. I was expecting a really great dystopia, but I was sadly disappointed. I always find it a little more difficult to write a review if I only find a book OK. At places I found The Revealed a little boring and I found myself skim-reading some parts of it, especially in the middle.

For a dystopia, world building is vital but I felt like that was something that was lacking. The war that destroyed the country is mentioned over and over, but we actually know very little about it. Why did it start? Who was it against? Why did it finish? Who won? We get very little information about it except that it happened and a lot of people died. We saw very little of the society they currently live in. We saw Lily’s house, a club, a field and an underwater base. That is about it. We know little of the society and how it’s run before the election. It just felt we knew little about this dystopia society.

The character were also just OK, nothing special and I didn’t find myself caring for them at all. There were a good plot twist with one of the characters, but the rest were just OK. The romance as well was just OK. It did seem to come from no where, but they did have some good chemistry. But other than that it was just OK. I liked the friendship between Rory and Lily and I wish we could have seen more of that.

Overall, it was an OK dystopia and if you want to read it for yourself to see how you like it then go ahead.

MY RATING: ★★★☆☆

2 thoughts on “The Revealed by Jessica Hickam (Review)

  1. I was tempted to give this one a try but I held back. I’m glad I didn’t tbh- I’ll read a few more reviews to see if I do eventually want to read it or not! I hate when you don’t connect with characters, I’ve just had that problem myself and it makes the book drag like crazy

    1. Sames, I really wanted to love this, but it was just an average book for me. Let me know what you think if you do get around to reading it 🙂

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