The Garden of Darkness by Gillian Murray Kendall (Review)


I received this free from the publisher via NetGalley

DNF at 27%

I just couldn’t get into it. The characters were plain and boring. The 27% that I read just seemed to drag and It just didn’t capture my attention. Ok, I’ll be honest, I did start this in the middle of a reading slump, so I put it down for a little bit, read a couple of books and I tried a couple more times to pick it back up but it just didn’t hold my attention. After the first 15% I just found myself skim reading waiting to get to the next chapter. I thought I’ll just end my boredom and just leave it. I hate rating and reviewing a book if I haven’t finished it but I’m going to have to do it with this one. Maybe I will pick it back up later and see if I can get into. Maybe not. Who knows?

Anyway, don’t let just my review put you off, its a personal opinion. If you feel like you want to give it a go, then go ahead.

MY RATING: ★★☆☆☆

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