Firefly by P.M. Pevato (Review)


I received this free from the author in exchange for an honest review

I don’t make a sound. I don’t flinch. I wander quietly, quietly, deeper into the dark forest, guided by the pure light of a full moon and the sparkly glow of lantern bugs

Tessa Goode is a witch and part of the Snow Valley Coven. She is gifted with the Sight, but the sight failed her when it came to a murder of a member of the older coven. Tessa also dreams about a boy, in a dark forest. She sees only his grey eyes and his silver veins. William is an immortal witch hunter. He sketches the face of a girl he doesn’t know. Until he goes to Snow Valley. 

The first half of the story seemed really promising. But the second half lost its mojo and let me down a little bit. I still did enjoy it but if the second half held my attention the same as the first I probably would have rated this about 4.5. 

I will start with the characters. I liked Tessa, but I felt when it came to William she got blubbery and weepy real fast. When she found out who William was she reacted how I would expect some one to react which was good. She wasn’t one of those girls who believed his every word straight away, she actually ran like hell and tried to crush him with trees. William was an ok character for me. He was a little creepy with the stalking, (she also seemed freaked out by that so that’s a plus), but other than that he was just an average character for me. Their relationship was also just average, I didn’t feel much of the chemistry, so it felt a little flat to me. I would have really loved for some more internal dialogue so I could have maybe connected with the characters a bit more easily. I really did love all her friends – Morgan etc. They all held their own personalities and weren’t just cardboard cut-outs so that was a positive. 

The story itself was quite riveting and it really did keep me interested and turning the pages. I was a little confused at the end. I felt the villains were not very complex and a bit predictable with the shut up you stupid little witch comments – but then again they didn’t have much motivation apart from the fact that they were witch hunters, so I guess it was not really needed for the story. 

Overall, it was a pretty good read, fairly short, so if you are looking for a good YA paranormal romance then I do highly suggest that you check this one out.

MY RATING: ★★★☆☆(3.5)

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