The Geography of You and Me by Jennifer E. Smith (Review)


I received this free from the publishers via NetGalley

“Sometimes it seemed as if his whole life was an exercise in waiting; not waiting to leave, exactly, but simply waiting to go. He felt like one of those fish that had the capacity to grow in unimaginable ways if only the tank were big enough. But his tank had always been small, and as much as he loved his home- as much as he loved his family- he’d always felt himself bumping up against the edges of his own life.” 

During a city wide blackout in New York, Lucy and Owen get stuck in an elevator between the 10th and 11th floor. This is where their romance starts to blossom. They spend the night together walking the street of New York and sleeping under the stars. Once power if restored, their lives move in different directions spanning across miles and continents with only email and postcards as their way of communicating.

This was a very cute book, with witty characters and a great romance with some great chemistry. I really did love the characters, especially Lucy. Lucy’s parents travel a lot and every now and then she received a postcard from them, and this is how the postcard tradition started between her and Owen. Both Lucy and Owen wanted to travel ‘somewhere’ and ‘everywhere’, and both eventually do. Owen has lost a parent and is now in a basement apartment with his single Dad. Both Lucy and Owen are from different worlds but they have a strong connection which helps them continue with their friendship when in different countries. It really is a cute and fluffy story. I don’t read many contemporaries but I am really glad I decided to request this on NetGalley. Even when they were separated they tried to move on with their lives and meet other people but they were still drawn back to each other in the city they first met. 

The story was slow but exciting at the same time, and I even liked reading about their stories when they weren’t together because they were really good characters separate but fantastic together. So if you are a fan of contemporary romance and you want a light and fluffy read then I do highly suggest that you give this one a go.

MY RATING: ★★★★☆

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