The Murder Complex by Lindsay Cummings (Review)


*I received a free copy from the publishers via edelweiss.

The Murder Complex has been one of my best reads of 2014 so far. I can tell it’s going to be a massive hit because it’s such a thrilling, well developed, intriguing dystopian.

In a futuristic Florida, Meadow lives on a houseboat with her family; a sister she adores, a brother who challenges her, and a father who teaches her how to kill and how to survive. The state is controlled by The Murder Complex, an organisation responsible for the hundreds of deaths that occur each night. Meadow is fifteen years old, soon to be sixteen where she participates in a test that determines her place in this blood soaked society. But when Meadow meets a ward, Zephyr, the truth about The Murder Complex and meadows own family is eventually brought to light, and Meadow is in grave danger.

The Murder Complex proves an incredibly promising debut, filled with action from the start. The plot revealed itself at a quick pace that left you wanting more at the end of every chapter, leaving you with an inability to put the book down. You see Meadow question everything, specifically her family and the truth they’ve  hidden. The Murder Complex is a thriller, so expect a story that creates suspense from the beginning and creates a tightness in your chest that just won’t go away. A refreshing and original dystopian. Cummings has a great writing style that is easy to follow yet rich and emotive.

The characters were fantastic also, particularly our heroine and protagonist, Meadow. She was pretty damn bad-ass, rash, intelligent, compassionate yet does not admit it, curious and protective. A heroine to be deeply admired and if you’re looking for a book with a strong female lead, this is certainly one that you should not miss. I deeply admired Meadows love for her sister, yet also her quest to find out the truth. Zephyr, whilst also a great character, lacked a certain depth and at times I found him a tad two-dimensional. Though this was made up with his back-story that was deeply engaging and one of the main reasons I read on. The secondary characters, such as Talan (who I really enjoyed, and added a bit of humor to Zephyrs life), were great additions to the story.

A great dystopian and definitely one you should pick up when released June, especially if you’re fans of dystopians or are just looking for a thrilling adventure.

MY RATING: ★★★★★

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