On The Fence by Kasie West (Review)


*I received a free copy from the publishers via edelweiss.

On The Fence was a refreshing YA contemporary romance, one that had a genuine friendship and relationship that developed realistically and was not incredibly cheesy like your run of the mill contemp-romance.

Charlie is a tomboy and has grown up with three protective brothers, and thus knows how to bad-mouth and out do all the other boys. Along with her three brothers, Charlie includes her neighbour, Braden as an honorary brother. When Charlie’s father, a cop, makes her get a job to pay off another speeding ticket, Charlie finds herself working in a clothes shop – and she doesn’t know the first thing about fashion, or about being a girl. She finds herself in a new world, one with short skirts and make-up, and boys that haven’t seen her play football. With the inability to sleep due to missing out on her late night run because of her new job, Charlie finds comfort in her backyard with Braden and their Fence Chats. She begins to see Braden in a new light and can’t help falling for him.

On The Fence is a pretty easy going read, with a lot of fun and humorous moments. It even scored low on cringe-worthy moments, but I found myself entranced from the beginning; and read the whole thing with a massive grin on my face. I’ve never read Kasie West’s other books, but after reading this, I might just have to, because I thought it was pretty damn awesome. Charlie was a relatable character, and whilst she struggled with her identity, she came out of it confident with her head held high. Braden was swoon-worthy, and I really loved their friendship and how it developed. I really enjoyed her brothers also, as each had a different personality that went well with Charlie.

For fans of contemporary romance, I would highly suggest giving this a go. Even if you don’t usually like contemporary romance, give this a go, because it’s one of the good ones.

I’ll be posting this review on my blogs closer to the release date.

RATING: ★★★★☆

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