Panic by Lauren Oliver (Review)


I received this free from the publisher via NetGalley

“The bravery was in moving forward, no matter what.”

Panic is a legendary game which all school kids know about. It is a game only played by graduating seniors. Heather never believed that she would be ever compete in the game, yet this year she does on a whim. Eventually she finds she has someone to fight for, and someone to play for. Dodge has never been afraid of Panic and he has a secret, a secret that is fuelling his motivation to play.

I’m not a huge fan of contemporary. I would much rather pick up a historical fiction, a dystopia or a fantasy. However, I decided to request this because it was Lauren Oliver and I enjoyed Delirium. In my personal opinion I think Lauren Oliver writes Contemporary better than Dystopia. I’ve seen some people compare it to The Hunger Games, but I have to say that it is nothing like The Hunger Games, and is in fact, a completely different genre and I don’t think they should be compared. I really did enjoy Panic and it is one of my favourite reads of 2014 and I would highly recommend it. I enjoyed the story of Panic, of the games. The story focused more on the characters than the games, but I can’t complain and I do think that was a positive. The games were pretty dangerous, yet exciting. I found myself rooting for Heather, as well as Nat and Dodge. Panic isn’t a fast paced book as most of the time we are just getting to know to characters and see them develop and their relationships develop.

I really did enjoy the characters. At the beginning of Panic, Heather was hurt my Matt, and her life seemed to revolve around him and she initially joined the game just to stick it to him. However, through the story we see her develop, and we see her take responsibility and a leadership role in her life. We really do see her mature. Dodge is driven by revenge, and it is the main reason he joined Panic. You see through out the book Dodge overcoming his desire for revenge and learning to accept what happened. The friendships were written really well in Panic. Heather and Nat were really supportive of each other, despite being competition. Yet they also criticised each other and I think that was really great. The relationships were also really great. Bishop and Heather have been friends for year, and she has always seen him as a friend until now. Throughout Panic they had their ups and down in both their friendship and relationship. There was some great chemistry and there was no instant love, with both couples and I thought that was really good.

The ending was a bit too happy for me, but otherwise Panic was a really good read with some great plot twists which kept you highly engaged and I would highly recommend.

MY RATING: ★★★★★


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